Cailyn caught me in the middle of my secret talent: Balancing cats. (at Portugal. The Porch)

I didn’t know I could cry so much for Matt & Julia’s marriage. In retrospective, when you introduce your two friends and are friends with them for over ten years, it makes sense. I remember the stupid fights we had, sneaking out of the parents’ house, letting Julia drive my car when she was 15 and blowing through stoplights in downtown Seattle, taking photos at Matt’s shows, tour, lazy days petting cats, feeding cake to each other, big moves, ridiculous nicknames, and generally being awesome. I’ve been able to see both of them become adults, get their life together, start tattooing, and love each other. I can’t imagine them being with anyone else. And I’m sooooo glad I have a picture from when Julia worked at McDonalds among other things. (at Hattie’s Hat)

Cat’s Meow. #1810bros #wifeymoonweekend #beercation

80% thrifted outfit. Love the shoes I found on Monday.

Washington, you fine. #northwestisbest #1810bros #wifeymoonweekend #beercation (at Beards Hallow)

Some @impossibleproject photos from yesterday’s wedding. #polaroid #sx70 #impossibleproject


Le Creuset is releasing the Matte Collection April 1st!

The beautiful Sunny & Ainsley.
February 2014
Corinthian Yacht Club
Seattle, WA

Hey, @trembring @cailynaustin this is what I did with your leftover fries. Added spinach, pesto, and a fried egg. Yatta!

I love coming home. (at What’s Up Rainier)

McLeod fighting Campbell at the Avs VS Bruins game from Friday. Avs lost 0-2 and the Bruins are on a huge winning streak :( At least we ended up sitting in box seats, thanks to Mr. Clarke. That was pretty neat. #coloradoavalanche #goavsgo (at Colorado Avalanche Game Pepsi Center)

It snowed in Denver on Saturday but Sunday got so warm, that we took our coats off.

Hopefully, Ian is moving out to Seattle this year. Gotta get all my Denver buddies out west.

Today, I put a new Impossible Project sticker on my car AND put my Avs frame up.

I think my old Impossible sticker lasted over a year.

Anyway. I AM STOKED. I ordered some Pioneer film to check out the new color film and the Avs game last night ruled. They moved up a slot in the Central Division. I’m in Denver next week for the Avs VS Bruins game. Pumped.

The Fall of Troy
Showbox Market
Seattle, WA
February 2014