The Fall of Troy
October 14th & 15th
Sunset Tavern

I blogged about the show:

All the feelings of being 16 and shooting TFOT are rushing back to me. Oh, how fast the past 12 years have gone… I’m going to NYC to shoot their show at Webster Hall on the 27th! Come say hi and let’s eat pizza!

Camping at Hurricane Ridge
July 2014

This year was a different pace than last year. I shot half the amount of weddings this year, compared to last. I took this opportunity to really enjoy summer in Washington. The Northwest is an incredible place to live. I got to hike, camp, and go to a ton of shows. I started shooting for bands again, and it feels great to not be drained from a pile of weddings to edit. With that being said, the weddings I shot this year were special and I’m so glad I shot the ones that I did. I am REALLY looking forward to the weddings I have booked for next year, already!

🌲👭🌲 (at Rattlesnake Ledge)

#tbt from my birthday hike with @carlesy. She helped Eloise carry her backpack (which is amazing). #pokemon (at Big Four Ice Caves)

An open letter to my baby brother, Samuel Sato:

Yo! Big sis here. First off, bummer you didn’t make it into the world, but thanks for being around for my 28th birthday. I definitely had planned to sneak this amazing Manny’s onesie on you when Mom wasn’t looking. I had also planned on teaching you about the beautiful sport of hockey, badass drummers like Zach Hill, how to brew coffee with a chemex, tips to eat dinner before going to shows at Neumos because otherwise, the hot dog smell will torture you throughout the whole show, how to throw a party and not trash the house, how to act natural in front of a camera, and navigating the confusing nature of our parents! And important stuff, too. But that goes without saying. I guess I’ll have to wait.

Tell Megumi, Grandma Sato, Grandpa Chiba, and God that I say hello.

Hope you’re having fun! See ya when I see ya.

Love, Aya

Hit me up of you wanna hang. I’ll be shooting everyday. #db2014

My friends from Denver came to visit and we had a really nice picnic at Deception Pass over the weekend. (at Deception Pass)

Cailyn in Pasco. 
Expired Time Zero film. 
Polaroid SX-70.

Cailyn in Pasco.
Expired Time Zero film.
Polaroid SX-70.

Slint was EXCELLENT. Definitely one of my favorite performances of the year. PSA: My best friend was sexually harassed at the show last night. She shoved the dude and he left her alone. If you see anyone attempting to violate another’s personal space and/or hear inappropriate catcalling, please do something. Even a, “Hey, is that person bothering you?” would be helpful. It is really disturbing how frequently these things happen, especially at events and music festivals and bystanders usually don’t respond at all. Help a girl out, alright? (at Showbox)

11 years ago today, I met Mark at this Mars Volta show! We were LJ friends and talked on AIM a lot prior to meeting. We became best of friends. And thanks to @rarebitultra for having that extra ticket for this sold out show. #iwinattheinternet #marsvolta #polaroids

Helping a bro spread his music.

Check it out if you’re into electronica!