Being way unproductive but very pleased with my Avs beanie.

Hanging out with my cat, Theo. We’re sharing a bag of popcorn while listening to Jon Hopkins.

Turning 27 this week. I am nearing paying off my student loans. Before I’m 30, I get to have financial peace and start saving for a house/property. My 10 year plan is getting pretty extensive! It’s sort of exciting for me. I have a few back-up plans included in my 10 year plan as well.

I wrote a 10 year plan 6 years ago when I graduated college. I am pretty sure I wrote that I was going back to school for my MFA in art history and library sciences. I would really like to do that, but that is one of my backups at this point since I don’t enjoy being in so much debt.

Let’s see. 26:

4th year in shooting weddings. 3rd year to actually do business under the state. Came out of having my business be my only source of income to becoming a full-time nanny + running my photography business. 4 tattoos. 1 break-up. Renewed our lease. Bought an awesome firepit. Lots of shows. Travelled to SF, NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Denver. Did way more hikes. More trips to Portland. Became an iPhone user. Shot the most film I have to date. Lots of new plants. New church. One of my best friend’s moved to SF. Her sister moved in. Illustrated my first children’s book. Drawing and painting a lot more. Became a regular at a coffee shop for the first time. First gym membership that I love. 1 photography show. Ate a lot of hot dogs.

The best part of my birthday will be getting to see Mark this week! It’s hard to believe we’ve been best friends for 10 years now.

Dude, all these focusing options on the D7000 are overwhelming.
I was trying to figure it out and ended up taking a bajillion photos of my hair.

It is still a mystery to me. I miss the simplicity of the D70.

Clearly, this is why I like shooting film way more. Manual everything.

I need to get with the times.

Self Portrait.
Seattle, February 2012.

Stephen is letting me borrow his F100. Highly considering purchasing it.

Anyone shoot with one?

Doing a shoot for fun with Kyle today!

Hopefully, Ella & Stephen will be joining us?

I need to clean my room. Oops. Note tupperware + glass in background.

My boss sent me a link to this photographer’s blog today.
She has some excellent shots.